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Poor German Shepherd Gets Discarded In The Streets After Years Of Being Forced To Deliver Puppies

Meet Dilila. This German Shepherd was used as a breeding dog for years before she was finally thrown out into the streets of Taiwan. But thankfully, she got rescued and transported to the USA soon after. German Shepherds are a very popular breed. They are loved in the United States and they are loved in Taiwan as well. Just like us, the Taiwanese fall in love with dogs made famous by the movies. Thanks to military films, dogs like German Shepherds and Labradors became the most popular breed in the country.

Large dogs like Dilila are purchased as small puppies, but soon they outgrow their small Taiwanese homes and apartments. When Dilila’s owner was done with her, he left her on the streets to fend for herself. But luckily, Dilila was not alone. She became best friends with a Labrador called James, who was also probably thrown away because of his size. They spent their days looking for food and avoiding authorities in the streets of Taiwan.

The duo was discovered by Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT) one day. The rescuers immediately knew that the dogs were starving. They also knew that they wouldn’t be able to find a home in Taiwan based on their large size, so they reached out to the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in the USA. ARTT flew Dilila and James, paying for all travel and medical expenses themselves. James went to a Labrador rescue and was adopted into a loving family. Westside German Shepherd found a loving home for Dilila.

We are glad these two had a happy ending! Check out their amazing story below! What did you think about that? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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