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Guilty Dog Can’t Make Eye Contact When Owner Confronts Him

Dogs make wonderful pets. They are an amazing addition to your family and will never betray your trust. Dogs are very affectionate animals and they remain loyal to you no matter what you do. They are also great at protecting your house against intruders or any other potential dangers. With proper training, they can be really obedient. However, even the most well-behaved dogs can act out from time to time. Dogs are playful creatures, so they do tend to get a little naught occasionally.

Dogs can also be a little destructive when they get bored. To avoid it, you need to make sure that they get regular exercise. Exercise sessions will help them release their energy and keep them calm. Even after that, they sometimes show off their naughty side. If you have a dog at home, or have ever owner a dog before, you know that they can go out of line sometimes. Some dogs will destroy the furniture, some will steal food, and some will tear up your cushions. The pup in the video below is not an exception.

Meet Shadow. This adorable German Shepherd is well-behaved most of the time. However, sometimes, his rebellious side comes out. One day, he decided to mess around a bit. When his owner returned, she found memory foam all over the floor. She immediately confronted him, but the hilarious look on his face has been melting everyone’s heart on the internet! The poor thing is not very good at hiding his guilt it seems!

Check out this adorable video below! Did Shadow make you smile? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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